How To Keep Your Reputation Clean During Your Divorce

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Divorce is an emotional process. You may be sad, angry, frustrated, or melancholy. One thing that does not help is worrying about your reputation. Whether you are a pillar in your community or you are concerned about getting what you believe you deserve out of your divorce, managing your reputation during this process is crucial. Here are some things you should know about how to keep your reputation as clean as possible during your divorce:

Be Careful When You Answer Questions About Your Divorce

People around you may ask you questions about your divorce. They could be genuinely concerned about your well-being, or they may just want details. During a highly emotional time, you might feel the need to overshare the details of your divorce. You might feel like you want to spill all the details or speak ill of your spouse out of frustration. Avoid doing this, as you are vulnerable right now and you might say something you regret. If asked about your divorce, simply reply in a way that does not put your emotional status on display. A couple of simple sentences to say you are dealing with your divorce as best as possible will suffice.

Avoid Posting About Your Divorce on Social Media

Social media is a place where many people speak about their emotions and feelings on a daily basis. If you are going through a tough divorce, you might feel compelled to vent about the process on your social media accounts. Avoid doing this, as anything you post can come back to harm you later. Even if you delete the posts, they may have been screenshotted and shared with others, including your spouse. If you want to avoid harming your reputation, it is best to keep your personal divorce business off of social media.

Do Not Make Big Purchases

If you spend a large amount of money during your divorce, you are asking for problems, especially problems for your reputation. During a divorce, you will have to provide your financial records for review. Each time you make a purchase during your divorce, you open yourself up for scrutiny. If you spend excess money on trips to the bar, expensive handbags, or other items that may be considered frivolous, you risk a lot of negative talk as well as issues of asset division during the divorce.

If you are going through a divorce, the best advice is to lay low as much as you can. Do not talk about your divorce and make sure you keep all the details to yourself. This is the best way to ensure your reputation is maintained.

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