Important Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney

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If you are at the starting point of a divorce, one of your first steps is to hire a divorce attorney. If you have never been divorced before, you will not necessarily know what to expect. Asking your attorney the right questions will not only help you better understand the process but will also make you more confident when moving forward. You will likely have many questions as you talk to your attorney, but the following are among the most important:

How Do You Communicate About Your Divorce Case?

One of the most important things you first need to know is about communication with your attorney. Each attorney will approach communication differently. You may communicate in person for the first few meetings. For other shorter communications, you may speak through email or phone calls. Some attorneys may opt for video-conference. Communication tactics will differ based on the issues being discussed.

Who Will be Involved in Your Divorce Case?

Another important thing you need to know is who exactly will be working on your divorce case. In larger firms, attorneys may not be as hands-on during your case. There may be other attorneys who will work on portions of your case. Some firms even give certain tasks to paralegals and other office personnel. If you want to be certain your attorney is more hands-on, pay attention to the answer to this question. Attorneys who are doing the more substantive work will tell you upfront. Ideally, you want to be comfortable with anyone who will work on your case, so you may want to meet everyone who will be taking part if possible.

How Much Will Your Divorce Case Cost?

Any type of legal work is going to come at a cost. It is difficult to predict how much your divorce will cost as the final cost depends on many variables. You may not receive an exact dollar amount, but you can ask your attorney what factors can contribute to the cost of the divorce. In more amicable divorces in which you and your spouse mostly agree on the terms, the costs can be much less than in more complicated cases. If your spouse does anything to prolong the case for any reason, the costs will go up. Your attorney may be able to give you an estimated range as far as costs are concerned, but keep in mind that final costs are subject to change. Your attorney should keep you apprised if there are to be any changes that will increase your final costs.

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