Is A Lawyer Necessary During A Divorce? 3 Important Questions To Guide You

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Many people make the mistake of taking divorce processes lightly. However, this can lead to unwanted results. Therefore, it's important to protect yourself and your property by hiring a divorce lawyer to guide you through the entire divorce process. If you're ready for divorce and are wondering whether hiring an attorney is necessary, these three questions will guide you. 

Do You Have Kids?

If you have minor children, your case may be more complicated than you may think. Your estranged spouse may be determined to keep your children away from you. Or they may want to limit your time with the children as much as possible. As a responsible parent, such a decision may hurt you and your children too. 

A competent divorce lawyer will help in developing a parenting plan that is suitable for both parties. This plan can state, among other things, where the children will live, visitation days, and who will make crucial decisions for the children post-divorce. If your children would be unsafe living with your ex, your attorney may also help you present a strong case for sole custody. 

Do You Have Property?

If you own some property, you cannot afford to approach a divorce without a lawyer. Once the divorce process starts, your partner's loyalty to you fades, and self-interest takes over. From then on, they will be thinking about what's best for them, and that may include owning your real estate. 

A divorce lawyer wants what is best for you. If you have jointly owned property with your partner, the lawyer will ensure both of you get what you rightfully deserve. If your partner is determined to keep all the property to themselves, your attorney will also act on your behalf to prevent that outcome. 

Do You, or Your Partner, Need Alimony After the Divorce?

The law regarding spousal support after a divorce is complicated. Figuring out how much you're entitled to receive from your spouse and how long it should last may be difficult if you're not a lawyer. If your partner needs financial support, they may also want to take advantage of the situation so you may pay more than you wanted to expected. 

Luckily, a divorce lawyer understands all your state laws on spousal support after a divorce. They will calculate the amount of support needed and its duration. In the end, both you and your ex will be satisfied with the outcome.